Tarot & Mediumship Readings

Tarot Readings by EJ Melas-Karn

Experienced Psychic and Tarot Reader for over 35 years. EJ Melas can provide you with information others cannot.  As a psychic he not only provides information on your current path/situation, but he also receives messages from your own personal guides, ancestors and passed loved ones.  He has provided insight to seekers all over the world, including many high-profile clients and is known for being honest, blunt, and funny within his readings. 

Types of Readings Offered:

  • General Readings – This popular reading reveals your current path and pressing situations. May include messages from your guides, ancestors, and passed loved ones.
  • Specific Question/Advice Reading- This simple reading provides answers and/or advice to one of your specific questions.
  • Spirit Guide/Ancestor Reading– Provides insight and messages from your current or most prevalent spirit guide/ancestor to help you along your path and give you any messages or answers to your life’s purpose.
  • Mirrored Love and Relationship Readings– This type of reading allows you to get a better understanding of your relationship from both points of view. Hear what you’ll need to know about your relationship.
  • Is Someone Throwing? (Am I Hexed) Reading– Offering a reading to see if you are being hexed or if someone is doing magick against you.
  • Personal Custom Readings- EJ Melas will conduct a personal custom reading for your situation. Please call or email us explaining your situation after you make your appointment.
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Oracular Mediumship w/ Oracle Hekataios

Oracle Hekataios is an active priest and oracle of the Goddess Hekate and the God Dionysos. He has been in oracular work for 15 years, dispensing prophecy, healing, invigoration of the aura and energy centers, as well as ancestral contact and ancestral healing.

Oracle offers purification ceremonies of lustral water and smoke with anointing oil to break curses, cut cords, and facilitate inner healing. Every reading comes with such ceremonies, thus enabling the individual to be pure and clear before the spirits as the person prepares to embark on a new chapter of their life. 

Tarot Readings w/ Oracle Hekataios

Oracle provides insight to his clients, helping them get on their correct path. Looking at your past, present, and future situation with sincerity he offers not only solutions but guidance to living your best life.

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Oracle was Patient, Kind, Compassionate, and I am still impressed with how he knew about my mom. All Wonderful Amazing People.”

C. Valentin