Welcoming Tarot Author & Celebrity Reader James Jacob Pierri to Cocoa Village

The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village along with Hello Again Books and Angels Oasis are so excited to be able to host James Jacob Pierri for three special events this coming March.

James Jacob Pierri has been an international professional Tarot Reader and Horoscope columnist for 25+ years. His work has included international distribution of his horoscope column in fashion magazines, hosting and presenting on Tv, radio, podcast and in print. James’ vocation an calling for Tarot derives culturally via his Vlach/Aromani-Italian heritage steeped in Folk Traditions and divination. His Auset Gypsy Tarot Deck is a romanticized autobiography.

The Auset Gypsy Tarot Deck & Book Set:
This robust and colorful original 78 Card deck was created by professional Tarot Reader James Jacob Pierri and contributing illustrators Becca Stotsenburg & Heather Scott. Inspired by the old-world Italian playing cards James saw used growing up in his European based environment. ” We didn’t use modern Tarot cards or RWS decks where I came from, we used old fashioned Italian playing cards…” Paying homage to his roots, The Auset Gypsy Tarot Deck includes an old school minor arcana in European pip card style. The Major Arcana however possesses a contemporary and modern flare complimenting traditional Tarot decks. Complete with a 99-page instructional book. Sold worldwide, this deck definitely has a place in a Tarot Reader or collectors’ repertoire!

Join us for this special and unique opportunity to meet & greet with a PRO Tarot Reader, author and try at a chance to win an Auset Gypsy gift bag! FREE promotional TEE shirts to attendees (while supplies last).

• Meet & Greet/ Book Signing with Professional Tarot Reader and RED Feather Author James Jacob Pierri
• Tarot Presentation – What it’s like being a Tarot Reader, brief history of Tarot and James unique history and experience, sharing the story-inspiration behind the Auset Gypsy Tarot. Q&A
• Sign up for a raffle to win: An autographed copy of The Auset Gypsy Tarot Book set, an Auset Gypsy Candle, Incense & an Auset Gypsy Graphic Tee Shirt. A 30-minute ZOOM Tarot Consultation with James Jacob Pierri. (An $183.99 value!)

James Jacob Pierri author of the Auset Gypsy Tarot will be at Angels Oasis and available for private readings.
This is a ONE DAY ONLY event and an experience you will not want to miss.

Pre-book your appointment at Angels Oasis and get a reading with celebrity tarot reader James Jacob Pierri.
He will be offering 1/2 sessions for a special price of $115

This presentation provided by author and professional Tarot Reader James Jacob Pierri aims to introduce the use of diverse herbs to assist in creating a sense of calm specifically for Tarot Reading. Everything from choosing the right herbal blend, preparing the hot water, the perfect cup and tea pot is A RITUAL!
Combined with some aromatherapy including incense, essential oils and proper candles a Tarot Card Reading can become a sacred ceremony.

Highlights include:
– Brief introduction & exploration of magical herbs for use in Tarot Reading and meditation
– Overview of planetary influences over the Tarot and corresponding herbs
– Peek into the use of essential oils, scent and candle colors to perfect a Tarot Ceremony
– Mix/blend your own herbs for various use as tea, incense or infusion
– Meditation techniques to practice.

March Upcoming Events

March 10th 6pm

This is Class is offered both in-person and virtually.
Strawberries and Thorns: An introduction to the secret magickal language of plants
There is a synchronic language that plants have that we can learn to get a better understanding of their Magickal correspondences. These correspondences come from folklore, cultural and historical use, and from the plant as well. In this introductory class, attendees will touch on where and why we have many of the correspondences that we do and provide the basics in using herbs and plants in a magickal setting based on their signature language.
Time Duration: 2 hrs.
Price: $35.00 p/p

March 16th-17th

We are so excited to welcome Tarot Author and Celebrity Reader James Jacob Pierri to Cocoa Village

March 24th 6pm

Come celebrate SPRING with The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village
Doors Open at 5:30pm.
$8 donation and a sealed prepackaged snack to share.
Pre-registration donations are nonrefundable.

March 31st

We will be starting our Strix Craft (Greek Magic) Master Classes this month..

These is Classes are offered both in-person and virtually. Must be 18 to attend.

The StrixCraft Master Class series presented by Oracle Hekataios, is a one-of-a-kind exploration into the roots of ancient Greek Magic and the Strix.
Using the archaeological record, first-hand accounts from ancient Greek texts, and modern applications, Oracle Hekataios – High Priest and founder of the Orphic Strix Tradition – covers just what it means to be a part of this growing community of modern Greek worship, unique Greek myths, and philosophy.
Inspired by the Orphic Dionysian and Hekatean Mysteries, StrixCraft is a transformative way of regaining personal power, connecting to the spirit world, and applying ancient magical methods to your daily life.

Classes are offered and recommended as a full course but can also be taken individually.
Full Course: $230 includes copy of StrixCraft book.
Individual Classes: $40 pp

Festival of Lights (Imbolc) Ritual & Gathering


Come celebrate The Festival of Lights (Imbolc) with The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village

Doors Open at 5:30pm.
$8 donation and a sealed prepackaged snack to share.
Pre-registration donations are nonrefundable.
Please Note: We will be serving some sort of bread during the ritual, if you have a dietary need, please provide your own if you would like to partake.

Imbolc Ritual Donation


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Join us for our Winter Solstice Ritual & Gathering

Friday Dec 16th @ 6pm

The Awaken Institute (Angels Oasis) 402 Brevard Ave Unit G, Cocoa, FL, United States, Florida

Come celebrate the Winter Solstice with The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village
Doors Open at 5:30pm
$8 donation and a sealed prepackaged snack to share.
Pre-registration donations are nonrefundable.
Please Note: We may be serving some sort of bread during the ritual, if you have a dietary need, please provide your own if you would like to partake.

The Return of Photos with Krampus

Join The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village and Skewmorphik Designs for Photos with Krampus

Saturday, December 3rd from 11am-3pm.

Krampus will be in store to take pictures with you and your family & friends (& pets!) for a Holiday card to remember. Photos are free, but we do ask for a donation and must be taken with your own device.

Please Note this event will be happening during the Cocoa Village Craft Fair parking will be limited!

Know Thyself: A How-To on Personal Cleansings and Ritual Self-Empowerment Class Dec 9th 6pm

Every moment we decide to interact with the world around us, inevitably we pick up the low energy vibrations from the surrounding environmental distress. What do we do when we find ourselves in a depressing mood? Drained, angry, and frustrated? Perhaps places in our homes and apartments feel uncomfortable?

The answer?

It’s time to empower the Witch within!

Join Oracle Hekataios – author, High Priest, lecturer, and seer – as he discusses the types of spiritual and energetic pollution that can and does affect us, as well as ways we can deal with them on a spiritual and magical level. Learn also hands-on techniques for such occasions.

Cost: $35.00.

Bio: Oracle Hekataios is a modern-day seer, interfaith minister, and High Priest. He is also the author of “Strix Craft: Ancient Greek Magic for the Modern Witch.” It is being released in French publication on November 24th.
Oracle’s personal life experiences in intense shadow work and personal empowerment have led him to understand the work of cleansings, purifications, banishment, and personal power attainment.
He has devoted his life to the Goddess of witchcraft and continues to work hard to do good in her service to all people.

Know Thyself: A How-To on Personal Cleansings and Ritual Self-Empowerment

Know Thyself: A How-To on Personal Cleansings and Ritual Self-Empowerment


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So What is the Space Coast Mystic & Magick Festival?

The Space Coast Mystic & Magick Festival is a month long festival that combines various events throughout October under one umbrella to celebrate the mystical, magickal, and the Halloween season.

This year will be our first and held within our homestead of Cocoa Village. Where each event is hosted and sponsored by many of the local businesses.

List of Events at the Space Coast Mystic & Magick Festival

All tickets for events are purchased separately allowing you to choose your experience. All tickets for events are purchased separately allowing you to choose your experience.

October 14th 2022

Join The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village, Angel’s Oasis and The Sanderson Sisters for the first-ever Space Coast Witch’s Ball!
The SC Witch’s Ball will Celebrate Halloween & the Witches New Year with special host and MC The Queen of Glam: Stella Boheme providing an evening of Magick, Music & More!

2022 Theme: Hocus Pocus

Dress as your favorite character or your own spooky & witchy best.
Enter our costume contest for great prizes!

This event is 18 & over.

Location: Marino’s Restaurant/Bar & Lounge 114 Harrison St, Cocoa, FL 32922

Space Coast Witch's Ball 2022

Space Coast Witch’s Ball 2022


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October 15th 2022

SHOP! SHOP! TILL YOUR DROP and EXPERIENCE THE SEASON OF THE WITCH! The SC Mystic & Magick Market will host local vendors, artists and psychics. This is a FREE event!

Location: Angels Oasis 404 Brevard Ave Ste D, Cocoa, FL 32922Please note this event will be held during but not part of the Cocoa Village craft fair PARKING WILL BE LIMITED!!Interested Vendors please visit https://seawitchcocoavillage.square.site/sc-vendor-app 

October 22nd 2023

An evening of the psychic phenomena of table tipping or table turning with Rev. Dr. Louis Gates, from Cassadaga FL Spiritualist Camp.

Experience an event where tables have been known to move or levitate without direct contact or just touching your fingertips to the table.

Rev. Dr. Louis Gates is a Trance Medium, Healer and Teacher currently living in Cassadaga, Florida. He is the minister at Colby Temple in Cassadaga.

October 29th 2022

Do you wonder what your Angels & Ancestors have to tell you? Who in spirit walks with you, guides and protects you? Do you have burning questions for them about you or the fate of humanity?

This is will be channeling event, where not only messages will be given, but you will have the opportunity to speak directly to your loved ones or angels through our channeling mediums.

Since spirits like to have fun too, this will be a costume event. Wear your favorite Halloween costume and you may have a chance to win the costume contest!