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First and foremost we always recommend everyone to do their own spell work, however sometimes this is not always possible. We offer many spell services and for EVERY intention from spell candles to private elaborate workings.

With over 35+ years experience we will work with you and your unique situation and circumstances to help you obtain your desired outcome. To give clients peace of mind, no workings are performed or conducted with out first receiving divination on what will be best to serve your current situation and again after to clarify performance and outcome. All work is contracted work and does not come with a guarantee, however, if something needs to be repeated by fault of our own we do not double charge. Each client and situation is treated individually and we will work with you every step of the way. In some cases, more than one type of work may be needed or even nothing at all. This is why divination is always the first step.

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Working with the sea witch of cocoa village has been wonderful. I was out of work and they understood my situation and worked with my financial situation. Thanks to them I have my dream job”

J. Harrison