Mike Steckel

As a Magickal and Tarot Practitioner, Mike Steckel formally began studying in 2005, at the age of ten through a personal spiritual interaction with the Gods of Egypt. He is the Founder of Temple of Dusk & Dawn which focuses on the balancing light and dark and employing occult practices for personal ascension and manifesting desires. Mike is a Writer of fantasy, absurdism, and dark fiction. He now follows a luciferian “left-hand” path under the education of the Black Witch Coven.

Along with E. Massey he is the co-owner of The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village in Florida. He has worked along side well-known paranormal investigators and psychics bringing his knowledge of demonology to investigations.

Mike’s tarot style is an intuitive storyteller that reveals his client’s path and gives answers to their questions. He goes beyond the normal reading style and sees each card as a page in the seekers book of life.