Healing & Spiritual Services

Healing Services w/ Oracle Hekataios

Oracle Hekataios is an active priest and oracle of the Goddess Hekate and the God Dionysos. He has been in oracular work for 15 years, dispensing prophecy, healing, invigoration of the aura and energy centers, as well as ancestral contact and ancestral healing.

Oracle begins with a ceremony at purification and anointing using lustral water, sacred incense, and oil to seal the aura. This facilitates the proper space to healing and growth. In working with trance and ceremony, Oracle uses the spirits to dispel spiritual ailments, imbalances, and hindrances helping you heal and to spiritual cleanse you. 

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Spiritual Services w/ Eddie

Eddie will work with you and your unique situation and circumstances to help you heal and cleanse your spirit. To give clients peace of mind, no workings are performed or conducted with out first receiving divination on what will be best to serve your current situation and again after the session if needed. Each client is treated individually and he will work with you each step of the way. 

Types of Services Offered:

  • Cord Cutting – After divination to determine what is needed we will work with you in helping you to cut the cords from others and/or situations.
  • Spirit Balancing- Similar to a reiki attunement, a spirit balancing is a “shamanic” balancing of your spirit through the use of the 4 elements and heavenly bodies.
  • Spirit Retrieval- Sometimes part of our spirit leaves us and has to be brought back to make us whole again. After divination to determine what part has departed Eddie will work with your spirit through the use of animal guides to return what is lost.
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