New On-Demand Class Added!

Unfortunately, we lost the recording of Saturdays class with James Jacob Pierri but we can now offer his on-demand tarot master class. A 4-part intensive class on tarot astrology and magick. You can stream each class separately or as a whole package.

Tarot Master Class Intensive w/ James Jacob Pierri

This 4 part Master class intensive is ideal for the Tarot enthusiast wanting to expand their
knowledge and use of The Tarot in new ways. The curriculum covers lots of Tarot detail for
personal, metaphysical and professional use. Ideal for both beginners to gain a hefty insight on
the subjects involved and for seasoned or professional Tarot readers to incorporate different
methods into their current practice.
Class One

Introduction to Tarot History including the Mystical and factual histories

Exploring The Major Arcana and the Divine qualities and associations

Getting a complete picture of The Major Arcana as a divination device
Class Two

exploring the Minor Arcana in detail

Becoming familiar with the four families & dynamics of the individual characters

Understand why these cards become the people, places, things and actions in readings

Correlating The Minor Arcana Cards to Seasons, elements and more.
Class Three ( Hour 1 Major Arcana, Hour 2 Minor Arcana)

Tarot & Astrology

Brief introduction to Astrology

How, why & where Astrology is / can be applied to Tarot.
Class Four

Tarot & Magic

Delving into the history of Magic with Tarot as talismans, etc

Astrological hours: What it is, how to construct it and use it

Tarot Spells

Tarot meditations for clearer psychic vision and heighten intuition

Check out our on-demand classes!

Upcoming September Events

Autumn Inundation Ritual & Meditation to Isis

Join us for a special ritual presented by James Isidorus Pierri and the Iseum of the Sacred Lotus
The Autumn Inundation dedicated to Isis, to draw upon the rain waters cleansing away summer heat and season to prepare for the magical season of autumn!
Enhance intuition! psychic sight and to maintain “Ma’At” or balance between spiritual and physical being.
Bring a cushion, drum and wearing white is preferred but not a must.
Suggested $10 donation to attend or to reserve your spot

September 3rd at 6pm

Tarot, Astrology & Magic w/ Special Guest James Jacob Pierri Professional Tarot Reader & author of The Auset Gypsy Tarot deck.
The Tarot is a sacred book filled with many mysteries, diverse uses and an enigmatic metaphysical device that holds the keys to so much spiritual potential.
This class will cover:

  • Brief history and overview of the Major & Minor Arcana
  • The Tarot is 2 Sacred books in one, we will explore the relationship between both.
  • Application of Astrology with Tarot
  • Astrological associations and use of Astrology in Tarot work, such as timing, energies & personifications.
  • Magical use of Tarot.
    -Tarot in and of itself is a magical tool, unlocking its use further as an Altar, assist in Spell work and more.
    $35 In-Person & Virtual
    Space is Limited and this class will Sell Out!!

One Day Only!! Special Guest Tarot Reader

International Tarot Pro, Author & Horoscope columnist James Jacob Pierri. 25 + years in the metaphysical fields will be available for readings at The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village.
$50 15 min session
$100 30 min session
Space is Limited Make your Appointment Today!!!

Autumn Equinox (Mabon) Ritual & Gathering

Save the Date!
Come celebrate the Autumn Equinox with The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village and Angels Oasis
Doors Open at 4:30pm
$5 donation or a sealed prepackaged snack to share.

Upcoming Events at The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village

Sip & Stroll Christmas in July

Historic Cocoa Village

Saturday July 30th 5pm-9pm
Visit and reply at

First Harvest (Lammas) Gathering & Ritual

at Angels Oasis

Sunday July 31st 5pm
For More Info Visit and reply at
Summer Spell Candle Sale 10% off*
* Includes Sea Witch Spell Candles Only. Vendor Candles not included. Valid In Store Only

A New Addition to The Sea Witch Family

Please Welcome our newest addition to the Sea Witch Family, Oracle Hekataios!

Oracle Hekataios is an active priest and oracle of the Goddess Hekate and the God Dionysos. He has been in oracular work for 15 years, dispensing prophecy, healing, invigoration of the aura and energy centers, as well as ancestral contact and ancestral healing.

He will be offering In-Person Mediumship and Healing Services at The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village

Oracular Mediumship w/ Oracle Hekataios

Oracle offers purification ceremonies of lustral water and smoke with anointing oil to break curses, cut cords, and facilitate inner healing. Every reading comes with such ceremonies, thus enabling the individual to be pure and clear before the spirits as the person prepares to embark on a new chapter of their life. 

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Healing Services w/ Oracle Hekataios

Oracle begins with a ceremony at purification and anointing using lustral water, sacred incense, and oil to seal the aura. This facilitates the proper space to healing and growth. In working with trance and ceremony, Oracle uses the spirits to dispel spiritual ailments, imbalances, and hindrances helping you heal and to spiritual cleanse you. 

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EVENT: Book Fest in the Village w/ Author Rev. Don Lewis 

Saturday March 26th 10am-3pm

The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village is proud to be participating in this year’s Book Fest in the Village with local Pagan Author Rev. Donald Lewis
Event Details-
Join us as we welcome Author and First Priest and Chancellor of the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca Rev. Donald Lewis on Saturday March 26th from 10am to 3pm.

Book Focus:
Correllian Wicca: Lessons for the Third Degree
Books will be available to purchase and sign all day

Book Talk: TBA

About the Author:
Rev. Donald Lewis is the First Priest and Chancellor of the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca. Rev. Don is the Co-Founder of Witch School ( along with Rev. Ser Ed Hubbard and Lisa Tuit. Rev. Don is the author of the Correllian Degree materials and other books, and serves as Production Head for Magick TV ( Rev. Don is also an Arch Priest of Isis in the Fellowship of Isis (, a Knight Grand Commander in the Noble Order of Tara, and a member of the Triad Union. Rev. Don is a member and past President of the North East Florida Pagan Leadership Coalition (NEFPLC) and a Member of the Board for the International Pagan Music Association (

-Book Fest in the Village Details-
Book Fest in the Village is a celebration of local authors with literary activities for all ages. This event is FREE, family and pet friendly, and open to the public.
🖋The Space Coast Writers Guild will host numerous local authors in Myrt Tharpe Square from 10 AM to 3 PM.
🐢KIDS STORY WALK: Follow three baby sea turtles throughout the village on their journey to reach the sea!
🖐Hello Again Books will be giving away a book every 15 minutes throughout the event!
📚Visit guest authors in over 15 Cocoa Village storefronts who will be reading, selling, and signing their literary works of art!
🚍he Brevard County Mobile Library will be on Brevard Ave and Orange St.
📖Attendees, young and old, can participate in a bookmark scavenger hunt!

Winter Witch’s Gala Last Chance to Get Tickets!!!

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Meet our Keynote Speaker:

A former licensed and ordained Christian minister, Oracle Hekataios is an active priestx and seer oathed to the Goddess Hekate Trioditis, as well as a devotee of the God Dionysos Eleuthereos. Oracle has been so since 2009, when he formally dedicated to the Goddess and began hosting dark moon rites. The founder and High Priestx of the Temple of Hekate: Ordo Sacra Strix and the Orphic Strix Tradition, Oracle is also a 3° witch and High Priestx in the Alexandrian Tradition of Wicca, a 3° Minos (High Priest) in the Minoan Brotherhood, an initiate of the NY WICA Tradition, as well as an initiate and Druid in 2 Druid Orders. Oracle lectures as an Interfaith minister, ordained by the Church of All Worlds, the first Neopagan Church in the world under the headship of Oberon Zell.

He is the author of “Strix Craft: Ancient Greek Magic for the Modern Witch,” published by Llewellyn Worldwide (soon to be translated and published in French), and places a great emphasis as a mentor on helping individuals reclaim their personal power and learn different paths suited to them via ancestral work and healing, seer work, and intense study. He has a vested interest in obscure occult topics, learning different ways and customs, and being a “perpetual student of the Mysteries,” as he calls himself. He strives to be a lore master, natural philosopher, spirit worker, and witch in all things pertaining to his Craft and his allegiance to his spirits and ancestors. He lives in Florida.