Winter Witch’s Gala Last Chance to Get Tickets!!!

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Meet our Keynote Speaker:

A former licensed and ordained Christian minister, Oracle Hekataios is an active priestx and seer oathed to the Goddess Hekate Trioditis, as well as a devotee of the God Dionysos Eleuthereos. Oracle has been so since 2009, when he formally dedicated to the Goddess and began hosting dark moon rites. The founder and High Priestx of the Temple of Hekate: Ordo Sacra Strix and the Orphic Strix Tradition, Oracle is also a 3° witch and High Priestx in the Alexandrian Tradition of Wicca, a 3° Minos (High Priest) in the Minoan Brotherhood, an initiate of the NY WICA Tradition, as well as an initiate and Druid in 2 Druid Orders. Oracle lectures as an Interfaith minister, ordained by the Church of All Worlds, the first Neopagan Church in the world under the headship of Oberon Zell.

He is the author of “Strix Craft: Ancient Greek Magic for the Modern Witch,” published by Llewellyn Worldwide (soon to be translated and published in French), and places a great emphasis as a mentor on helping individuals reclaim their personal power and learn different paths suited to them via ancestral work and healing, seer work, and intense study. He has a vested interest in obscure occult topics, learning different ways and customs, and being a “perpetual student of the Mysteries,” as he calls himself. He strives to be a lore master, natural philosopher, spirit worker, and witch in all things pertaining to his Craft and his allegiance to his spirits and ancestors. He lives in Florida.

Now Booking Year at Glance Readings and Holiday Parties

In-Person Year at a Glance Tarot Reading

$60.00 ·

Author, Witch, and owner of The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village E. Massey offers a Year at a Glance Reading. This is only offered from mid-December to mid-January This type of reading allows you to get a better understanding of your year to come. Giving you a summary of each month.
Hear what you’ll need to know about the upcoming year. Gain insight into how you can be prepared for the ups and downs of life.

Looking for something different to offer your guests at Birthdays, Weddings, or Corporate and Private Parties.

As an experienced psychic and tarot reader for over 20 years, E. Massey can provide you and your guests with information others cannot.  As a psychic he not only provides information on your current path/situation, but he also receives messages from your own personal guides, ancestors and passed loved ones. E. Massey has provided insight to seekers all over the world, including many high-profile clients.  He is known for being honest, blunt, and funny within his readings. Tarot Parties begin with 6 or more people. Rates include travel time and readings based on 25 minute reading per person. Certain parties may require additional trusted readers.

Event: We will be at Jacksonville Pagan Pride Day!!

Come Visit and Shop with us at Jacksonville Pagan Pride

Be sure to check out the free class w/ E. Massey who will be presenting “The Faces of Gods & Goddess: Understanding the essence of a Deity

A free, community event that provides a family friendly atmosphere to learn about Paganism and its many traditions!  We welcome everyone to attend!

Festivities include: educational workshops, charity drives, rituals, stage performances, and local vendor, nonprofit, and Pagan organization booths!  

​Event is rain or shine!

A community is made strong by its people uniting together in compassion, understanding, acceptance, and support.  JaxPPA is run by volunteers!

Sunday September 19, 2021
11 am to 4 pm

Visit Pagan Pride Event – Jacksonville Pagan Pride Alliance, Inc. ( for more info

Event: Intro to Tarot Online Class w/ Tarot Author, James Jacob Pierri 4/10 only $35

You asked we delivered!!!We are so excited to announce that we will be hosting an Intro to tarot online class with known and published tarot author James Jacob Pierri, You do not want to miss the class!! If you have been around in the Florida Metaphysical community you may recognize him and we got him!!! ONLY $35

Auset Gypsy’s Intro to Tarot Online Class w/ James Jacob Pierri

This is a perfect “all around” presentation of The Tarot that provides the novice, hobbyist or the curious a comfortable introduction. It also provides the seasoned practitioner of The Tarot’s not so basic BASICS. There’s something to learn for Tarot enthusiasts on all levels! Explore the different ways of using The Tarot as a divination device. Discuss how diverse Metaphysical practitioners use Tarot, from Gypsies, Secret Societies and Occult groups. Look at personal use of The Tarot Reading for others and Tarot superstitions & taboos. You do not want to miss this class by published Tarot Author James Jacob Pierri April 10th 7pm

Reserve your spot today!!!