Welcoming Tarot Author & Celebrity Reader James Jacob Pierri to Cocoa Village

The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village along with Hello Again Books and Angels Oasis are so excited to be able to host James Jacob Pierri for three special events this coming March.

James Jacob Pierri has been an international professional Tarot Reader and Horoscope columnist for 25+ years. His work has included international distribution of his horoscope column in fashion magazines, hosting and presenting on Tv, radio, podcast and in print. James’ vocation an calling for Tarot derives culturally via his Vlach/Aromani-Italian heritage steeped in Folk Traditions and divination. His Auset Gypsy Tarot Deck is a romanticized autobiography.

The Auset Gypsy Tarot Deck & Book Set:
This robust and colorful original 78 Card deck was created by professional Tarot Reader James Jacob Pierri and contributing illustrators Becca Stotsenburg & Heather Scott. Inspired by the old-world Italian playing cards James saw used growing up in his European based environment. ” We didn’t use modern Tarot cards or RWS decks where I came from, we used old fashioned Italian playing cards…” Paying homage to his roots, The Auset Gypsy Tarot Deck includes an old school minor arcana in European pip card style. The Major Arcana however possesses a contemporary and modern flare complimenting traditional Tarot decks. Complete with a 99-page instructional book. Sold worldwide, this deck definitely has a place in a Tarot Reader or collectors’ repertoire!

Join us for this special and unique opportunity to meet & greet with a PRO Tarot Reader, author and try at a chance to win an Auset Gypsy gift bag! FREE promotional TEE shirts to attendees (while supplies last).

• Meet & Greet/ Book Signing with Professional Tarot Reader and RED Feather Author James Jacob Pierri
• Tarot Presentation – What it’s like being a Tarot Reader, brief history of Tarot and James unique history and experience, sharing the story-inspiration behind the Auset Gypsy Tarot. Q&A
• Sign up for a raffle to win: An autographed copy of The Auset Gypsy Tarot Book set, an Auset Gypsy Candle, Incense & an Auset Gypsy Graphic Tee Shirt. A 30-minute ZOOM Tarot Consultation with James Jacob Pierri. (An $183.99 value!)

James Jacob Pierri author of the Auset Gypsy Tarot will be at Angels Oasis and available for private readings.
This is a ONE DAY ONLY event and an experience you will not want to miss.

Pre-book your appointment at Angels Oasis and get a reading with celebrity tarot reader James Jacob Pierri.
He will be offering 1/2 sessions for a special price of $115

This presentation provided by author and professional Tarot Reader James Jacob Pierri aims to introduce the use of diverse herbs to assist in creating a sense of calm specifically for Tarot Reading. Everything from choosing the right herbal blend, preparing the hot water, the perfect cup and tea pot is A RITUAL!
Combined with some aromatherapy including incense, essential oils and proper candles a Tarot Card Reading can become a sacred ceremony.

Highlights include:
– Brief introduction & exploration of magical herbs for use in Tarot Reading and meditation
– Overview of planetary influences over the Tarot and corresponding herbs
– Peek into the use of essential oils, scent and candle colors to perfect a Tarot Ceremony
– Mix/blend your own herbs for various use as tea, incense or infusion
– Meditation techniques to practice.

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