March Upcoming Events

March 10th 6pm

This is Class is offered both in-person and virtually.
Strawberries and Thorns: An introduction to the secret magickal language of plants
There is a synchronic language that plants have that we can learn to get a better understanding of their Magickal correspondences. These correspondences come from folklore, cultural and historical use, and from the plant as well. In this introductory class, attendees will touch on where and why we have many of the correspondences that we do and provide the basics in using herbs and plants in a magickal setting based on their signature language.
Time Duration: 2 hrs.
Price: $35.00 p/p

March 16th-17th

We are so excited to welcome Tarot Author and Celebrity Reader James Jacob Pierri to Cocoa Village

March 24th 6pm

Come celebrate SPRING with The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village
Doors Open at 5:30pm.
$8 donation and a sealed prepackaged snack to share.
Pre-registration donations are nonrefundable.

March 31st

We will be starting our Strix Craft (Greek Magic) Master Classes this month..

These is Classes are offered both in-person and virtually. Must be 18 to attend.

The StrixCraft Master Class series presented by Oracle Hekataios, is a one-of-a-kind exploration into the roots of ancient Greek Magic and the Strix.
Using the archaeological record, first-hand accounts from ancient Greek texts, and modern applications, Oracle Hekataios – High Priest and founder of the Orphic Strix Tradition – covers just what it means to be a part of this growing community of modern Greek worship, unique Greek myths, and philosophy.
Inspired by the Orphic Dionysian and Hekatean Mysteries, StrixCraft is a transformative way of regaining personal power, connecting to the spirit world, and applying ancient magical methods to your daily life.

Classes are offered and recommended as a full course but can also be taken individually.
Full Course: $230 includes copy of StrixCraft book.
Individual Classes: $40 pp

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