Upcoming September Events

Autumn Inundation Ritual & Meditation to Isis

Join us for a special ritual presented by James Isidorus Pierri and the Iseum of the Sacred Lotus
The Autumn Inundation dedicated to Isis, to draw upon the rain waters cleansing away summer heat and season to prepare for the magical season of autumn!
Enhance intuition! psychic sight and to maintain “Ma’At” or balance between spiritual and physical being.
Bring a cushion, drum and wearing white is preferred but not a must.
Suggested $10 donation to attend or to reserve your spot

September 3rd at 6pm

Tarot, Astrology & Magic w/ Special Guest James Jacob Pierri Professional Tarot Reader & author of The Auset Gypsy Tarot deck.
The Tarot is a sacred book filled with many mysteries, diverse uses and an enigmatic metaphysical device that holds the keys to so much spiritual potential.
This class will cover:

  • Brief history and overview of the Major & Minor Arcana
  • The Tarot is 2 Sacred books in one, we will explore the relationship between both.
  • Application of Astrology with Tarot
  • Astrological associations and use of Astrology in Tarot work, such as timing, energies & personifications.
  • Magical use of Tarot.
    -Tarot in and of itself is a magical tool, unlocking its use further as an Altar, assist in Spell work and more.
    $35 In-Person & Virtual
    Space is Limited and this class will Sell Out!!

One Day Only!! Special Guest Tarot Reader

International Tarot Pro, Author & Horoscope columnist James Jacob Pierri. 25 + years in the metaphysical fields will be available for readings at The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village.
$50 15 min session
$100 30 min session
Space is Limited Make your Appointment Today!!!

Autumn Equinox (Mabon) Ritual & Gathering

Save the Date!
Come celebrate the Autumn Equinox with The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village and Angels Oasis
Doors Open at 4:30pm
$5 donation or a sealed prepackaged snack to share.

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