In-Person/ Virtual Class: What is Wicca? An Introduction w/ Oracle Hekataios Aug 19th

Join us August 19th for our first class with Oracle Hekataios. This is Class is offered both in-person and virtually.

What is Wicca? An Introduction.”

“There is a lot of information recently on social media such as TikTok on what Wicca may be. People also have their preconceptions of witchcraft.

But what is Wicca? Is it a nature religion? Is it ancient? Can you make yourself a Wiccan? Do Wiccans cast spells?

Join Oracle Hekataios, a Wiccan High Priest, as he helps to dispel some of the misconceptions of Wicca and brings to light some of its truth. You will learn the history, some of the movers and shakers, as well as the differences between Eclectic Wicca and Traditional Initiatory Wicca. Learn what Wiccans practice, how they worship, and whom they worship.

Attendees will also cast a simple healing spell, for themselves or for another individual.”

$20 in-person/virtual
Reserve your space at

What is Wicca? An Introduction w/ Oracle Hekataios

What is Wicca? An Introduction w/ Oracle Hekataios


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In-Person Classes: All of our in-person classes are held at the Awaken Institute (Angel’s Oasis) located in the heart of Cocoa Village, Fl. No refunds for in-person classes unless canceled. No admittance without ticket or receipt, please bring printed receipt or email with you. Tickets may also be purchased at The Sea Witch of Cocoa Village. Please be on time class starts promptly at time.

Virtual Classes: Once we receive payment, an email will be sent with the information to join the class. Most classes are streamed via ZOOM. Handouts will either be sent via the streaming platform or email. Some online classes may be streamed in two or three parts. Classes will begin promptly at start time. No Refunds for online classes unless they canceled.

Oracle Hekataios is a High Priest and initiate of multiple traditions of the Craft, as well as a Strix (Greek Witch), and priest of the Goddess Hekate and God Dionysos.

Oracle is an interfaith speaker for the People of Diversity Unity ministry, an author of “Strix Craft: Ancient Greek Magic for the Modern Witch,” and founder of various temples, groves, and covens here in Florida. He works as an oracle and spirit worker at the local Sea Witch of Cocoa Village.

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