Guided Meditation: Journey to the Spirit World

This guided meditation had been originally written to be used around Samhain, but it can be done at anytime of the year. It sends you on a journey to the spirit world, enabling you to communicate and connect with the spirits of the underworld. This may be done at your ancestral altar or somewhere that is comfortable and where you can relax. Choose soft music to play during your mediation to help set the mood.

Journey to the Spirit World Guided Meditation

Begin by lighting a candle and some incense. Turn off the lights. Close your eyes, make yourself comfortable and relax. Next begin to prepare for the meditation by breathing in deeply through your nose, filling your belly, hold for a count of three and exhale through your mouth. Do this three times, or until you feel relaxed, centered and open.

Become aware of your feet on the floor. Feel your energy move through your feet, down through the floor, down through this building directly to the Earth. Feel the Earth’s energy joining with your own energy. Now, draw the energy up through your body. Feel the life-force move through you. As you feel this movement, become aware that you are walking through the woods. Leaves blanket the ground and the air is crisp. You are walking along a path that follows a small ridge overlooking a slow-moving river. Up ahead the path splits to skirt around two trees that have grown in the middle of the path. These trees are about two feet apart. These are the gateway trees. Feel and see the energy of the trees as a doorway. When you are ready, move onward through these trees. The path curves to the left, but you continue forward on the path. You can see that the ground slopes downward into a small valley where a stream trickles down a little stepped waterfall. You move forward down the steep slope where bare rock provides rugged steps. As you descend, You can begin to feel the energy of the land. The only sound you hear is the trickling water farther down the slope. Looking upward at the rock and earth below the path you left before climbing down you can see a few small ferns have taken root and makes a straight right angle that towers twenty feet above you. Not too far ahead within this rock wall there is a narrow alcove. Looking at the alcove, you see a crack like door of a cave. You are drawn to enter this cave. As you reach the opening, you notice there is a path that enters the cave. Looking inside, there is a wall on your right, but the left seems to slope away into darkness. There is a soft light from the rock above; just enough to allow you to see the path. You follow the path which begins to descend further into the earth. Although, you are underground it is not cold. It is as though the earth itself is providing warmth. As you continue on, it begins to get darker and the floor begins to slope downward. Just as feel the darkness overcoming your vision, you begin to see a light up ahead. Feeling safe you enter through the light. The light is the bridge between our world and the spirit world. Here you may encounter its inhabitants and converse with them. Take a few moments to explore and connect with this world.

When you are ready, begin your return journey to the living world. If you have been speaking with one of the beings, thank them for their gift of wisdom. In return, offer them a gift. It may be a piece of jewelry that you wear, something in your pocket, or a piece of your clothing. Give something that has value to you and give it freely. Begin by retracing your steps through the cave, then through the doorway where you find yourself standing next to the wall of rock. Climb up the slope, using the roots of the trees to steady you. Find the path you began your journey on and follow it to the gateway trees. As you walk through them, the forest around you begins to fade and you become aware of the room you are sitting in. Feel your feet on the floor mindful of the earth’s energy that has been holding you. Let excess energy flow into the Earth as you return to your everyday consciousness.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

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