Online Class! Pillars of Belief: The Hermetic Principles In Modern Witchcraft w/ E. Massey

Pillars of Belief: The Hermetic Principles in Modern Witchcraft

May 2nd 7pm

E. Massey’s Second most popular class attendees will discover how the Hermetic philosophies found in The Kybalion can be related to the modern teachings and ideals of today’s Witchcraft. Explore these “universal laws” and why they are the pillars of many belief systems found around the globe. Learn new approaches to incorporating these ancient teachings into today’s spiritual world through activities found in E. Massey’s book, “The Modern Witch’s Curriculum”.

Classes: $25 and conducted live in a private Facebook group. Registrants will receive group link and ticket number code to join within 24 hours of registration.

Register online at

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