Event: 4 Week Tarot Master Class w/ James Jacob Pierri

Auset Gypsy Tarot Master Class Intensive

* 4 Class Intensive over four weeks
* 2 Hour Classes w/5 Minute break at top the hour, Questions held until top of the hour
* Covering the metaphysical and artistic histories of The Tarot
* Thorough exploration of Major & Minor Arcanas
* Foundations and practice of The Tarot in Astrology & Magic
* Classes begin with a mediation to warm up intuition and heighten psychic insight.

This 4 week Master class intensive is ideal for the Tarot enthusiast wanting to expand their
knowledge and use of The Tarot in new ways. The curriculum covers lots of Tarot detail for
personal, metaphysical and professional use. Ideal for both beginners to gain a hefty insight on
the subjects involved and for seasoned or professional Tarot readers to incorporate different
methods into their current practice.Week One;

Class One
– Introduction to Tarot History including the Mystical and factual histories
– Exploring The Major Arcana and the Divine qualities and associations
– Getting a complete picture of The Major Arcana as a divination deviceWeek Two;

Class Two
– exploring the Minor Arcana in detail
– Becoming familiar with the four families & dynamics of the individual characters
– Understand why these cards become the people, places, things and actions in readings
– Correlating The Minor Arcana Cards to Seasons, elements and more.Week Three;

Class Three ( Hour 1 Major Arcana, Hour 2 Minor Arcana)
– Tarot & Astrology
– Brief introduction to Astrology
– How, why & where Astrology is / can be applied to Tarot.Week Four;

Class Four
– Tarot & Magic
– Delving into the history of Magic with Tarot as talismans, etc
– Astrological hours: What it is, how to construct it and use it
– Tarot Spells
– Tarot meditations for clearer psychic vision and heighten intuitionThis is the perfect follow up class of Intro to Tarot by published Tarot Author James Jacob Pierri
Classes begin May 7th and continue every week until May 28th @ 7pm
Please visit to purchase: https://seawitchstore.com/online-classes/
Click on the provided link to sign up!It’s on ZOOM and after sign up and payment is received an email-link will be sent to join in The Metaphysical Bohemian Experience…

James Jacob Pierri is an award winning professional Reader, Astrologer and Tarot Rockstar since 1999. Early beginnings started on the streets of Greenwich Village NYC than lead him into world renown entertainment destinations and venues, but it was Universal Studios Orlando where he was handpicked as a “lucky few” to perform Tarot Readings at the opening of Mystics Of The Seven Veils Psychic venue inside Lost Continent, Islands Of Adventure. A momentous
occasion being the first psychic attraction opening in a Major theme park in 50 years. This opportunity launched James into the public eye due to all the national and international media and press the story received.
After that AusetGypsy was created and he branched off on his own being picked up by Major entertainment agencies and traveled nationally and internationally reading Tarot and Fortune Telling at public and private celebrity events including MTV Music Awards Show,NFL Super Bowl and Launches for reputable companies like L’Oréal, Saks Fifth Ave and Thierry Mugglar.
All the while in between touring Metaphysical centers and shops, festivals and events teaching classes on Tarot and other Metaphysical subjects such as Astrology, Palmistry, diverse uses of Magic & meditation and especially Isiacism, The Modern Devotion to the
Goddess Isis.
In addition James attended Cherry Hill Seminary and studied Neo Pagansims and Pagan Research, became an legally ordained Priest in The Temple of Isis Geyserville Ca., completed certification as a Yoga instructor. Studied and Graduated from The Florida College of Natural
Health and Holistic Sciences where he studied aromatherapy, herbalism, anatomy & physiology and Ayurvedic medicine.
Today AusetGypsy is it’s own leading brand in the metaphysical world which offers a wide range of Auset Gypsy merchandise and spiritual products.
The Auset Gypsy Tarot Deck published by REDfeather MBS Publishing and is distributed and available worldwide.
Auset Gypsy Metaphysical Emporium retail location in scenic Frenchtown NJ where clients can book Tarot consultations with James Jacob Pierri both in person or via teleconference.

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